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Defiance by P.J. Reed

Book One : Defiance

Mesham sits dejectedly in a tiny garret above an inn, as the lands of Torcia fall to the magically-enhanced army of the infamous Mivirian Horde. One of the last surviving ancient warlocks of Torcia, Mesham knows he is marked for death.

The Torcian king knocks on Mesham’s door later that evening and offers him the chance of rejuvenation in return for a seemingly impossible mission into the heart of Mivir. Mesham reluctantly agrees, only to realise the evil of Mivir has spread to the very top of the Torcian government.

As Mesham undertakes his quest to complete the mission, he finds himself hunted by his king, by the mighty Torcian warbands, and by the Horde.

But he cannot fail, for the fate of Mesham’s beloved Torcia rests in his hands.

Fresh Fantasy!

'Fantasy is one of my favourite genres and it’s hard to find a good piece of fantasy work that is anything new or fresh in that genre.

This book had a great atmosphere that I found was great and that kept me wanting more.

The generation of the world was good as it fulfilled what I always look for. A magic system that isn’t like the majority of others and a strong kingdom and rulers.

The characters themselves were solid creations that help to build the world up. The names are interesting and are not carbon copies of others I have seen before.

Mesham is a character I would have liked to see more from as that character resonated a lot in the book and I think much he has much more to say.

The author writes with such passion for the creation that you just have to delve right in to see just what she has written. Wonder job!' review by Sean

Torcia became very much alive for me

I really enjoyed this fantasy adventure. This is a well written and nicely structured novel. What lets down so many fantasy books is not enough attention to world building. Not so with this story. Torcia became very much alive for me.

The author adds to this strong backbone with some strong characterisation particularly that of Mesham who's special abilities carry the plot well. I would highly recommend this to all fantasy fans.

You won't be disappointed by Nicky

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The Reviews

P.J has written a tale of depth and intrigue...with multi-faceted characters you can absolutely cheer for," by Allie M.

“CALLING ALL HARRY POTTER, LORD OF THE RINGS AND GAME OF THRONES FANS! 🌙 If you thought those books/films were good, give this a read! 📚 (This is better btw...)”  by Sapphire 

Anyone who enjoyed The Lord of the Rings and all things magic will certainly enjoy The Torcia Chronicles: Defiance. Torcia, a peace-loving nation is under threat from the Mivirian hordes intent on the total destruction of Torcia and its people. Follow Mesham, who possesses 'The Awesung Magic' on his quest to save the kingdom.

P J Reed does an excellent job of describing in detail, people, places, monsters, and battles throughout the entire book. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, which I highly recommend by H.E. Joyce