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The Crazy World of Fantasy Art

I love fantasy and sci-fi and grew up as part of the Star Wars empire. I also a keen reader of graphic novels particularly Japanese manga like Fruit Basket, Naruto, and Shaman King.  In fact, I did consider writing The Torcian Chronicles for almost a day until I realised I was not a natural story il…

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How Do I Write A Story?

One of the questions people me is how do you write your stories?

This is a difficult question to answer because I am dyslexic brain, so I guess the answer is quite weirdly…

I find the story comes easily. It just plays through like a film in my mind and I act as a recorder and just write the ev…

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If You Want Some Magic in Your Life, Open a Fantasy Novel

Sometimes life is hard. It kicks you to the floor, you struggle to get to your feet again and then life punches you in the face. It takes away the things you the most – partners, pets, self-confidence, or happiness, and leaves you empty. You end up just lying on the floor, thinking why is this happe…

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Inside Devcon18

Well, last weekend as part of the EAA Fantasy Department I had the delight appearing at Devcon18. Any comic-con which sparks a security alert is quite exhilarating. Apparently, a member of the public saw cosplay players in black complete with balaclava and bright orange Nerf gun waiting for his frie…

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Riding The Fantasy Beast

The world of fantasy has no limits, it attracts the educated reader and meanders in and out of theoretical physics, astrophysics, philosophy, and alchemy. This creates a swirling cauldron of concepts, pushing the boundaries of science and even creating new science.  Ideas change and evolve which me…

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