The Torcian Chronicles

Enter The Kingdom of Torcia

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The Origins of the Line of the Kings

There has been a King or Queen ruling Torcia since the beginning of time. The earliest recorded writings tell of the legend of Beohun, the dragonslayer. 

No one in the village dared to challenge the dragon. Beohun stood alone and waited for the fire. When the dragon arrived Beohun singlehanded fought the dragon in mortal combat lasting a day and a night. 

As the morning sun rose, the villagers left their huts and found Beohun slumped across the dragon. His broadsword embedded in the dragon's heart.

The legend of Beohun the Dragonslayer was born. Since that time the line of Kings has remained unbroken.

The Line of Kings

Beohun the Dragonslayer



Canthric d.


                                                              Athemar d.


                                                              The Grey