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Guest author feature - H.E. Joyce

February 3, 2018

Today on The Saturday Sizzler we have a guest author H.E. Joyce in the sizzling seat as we investigate his book 

The Deadliest Game...

 Background Information

H.E. Joyce lives among the beautiful Chilterns of Buckinghamshire, England, with his wife and black Labrador. He has two children and four grandchildren. 
Thrillers with unexpected twists are the genre which he enjoys reading and writing, playing mind-games with his readers.

The inspiration behind the story.

 'With The Deadliest Game, I definitely found inspiration while visiting various small coast…

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The Saturday Sizzler

Torcia became very much alive for me

February 23, 2018

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”  ― Dr. Seuss

Fantasy fiction is the imagining of the impossible and the realisation of the improbable.

It is an escape from the everyday and the normality of human existence. High fantasy writing offers its readers a chance to explore a different reality, filled with magic and wonder. Where heroes fight to save the weak with bows and arrows, swords, and powerful magic spells. It is world people can explore, experience new lands, and come face to face with magical creatures and beings. 

A fantasy world should be a living, breathing world which the reader will enter and become part of.  Hopefully, when reading The Torcian Chronicles, the world will become alive to you and propel you into a more vivid, brighter world.

I was delighted to receive this 5* review from Nicky, who wrote,

"I really enjoyed this fantasy adventure. This is a well written and nicely structured novel. What lets down so many fantasy books is not enough attention to world building. Not so with this story. Torcia became very much alive for me. The author adds to this strong backbone with some strong characterisation particularly that of Mesham who's special abilities carry the plot well. I would highly recommend this to all fantasy fans. You won't be disappointed."

He had entered the kingdom of Torcia. 

The Torcian Chronicles

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Sounds like a great day was had by all. Hope you sold a few too :)

Great blog!

Celebrating The Dark Side

February 17, 2018

Today on the Sizzler we are off to the dark side. 

Some people may argue that it is the natural place for me to be but villains need our support to. A lot of the time they get very negative press and people misinterpret their actions as dictatorial where in reality they are just trying to do what is best for the worlds they rule. After all, law and order is the key to maintaining a successful, productive society A fact which the motley vagabond resistance lawbreakers simply do not understand. 

I was delighted to meet that much-maligned intergalactic hero Darth Vader at Devcon18. He was extremely interested in the latest news from Torcia and in particular, the map of the two lands, investigating the great citadels of the country and whether they had survived the Mivirian incursion. He also questioned whether the Mivirian Temple warlocks would be interested in working to maintain law and order in other parts of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, unlike the force, warlocks rely on aweosung reserves to cast their spells and curses. The aweosung reserves locked away in the faulstan chrystals sprinkled throughout the lands ofTorcia and Mivir. Consequently, they have to remain on Cristallic.

Which was a shame because magical forces are extremely useful when trying to create order in the universe. However, Vader did mention he would return with stormtroopers at a later date working as military advisers to help support the Mivirian incursion.

To find out  more about the temple warlocks of Mivir read 'The Torcian Chronicles' by P.J. Reed

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Fantasy Books by P.J. Reed


Mesham the Warlock

Mesham sits dejectedly in a tiny garret above an inn, as the lands of Torcia fall to the magically-enhanced army of the infamous Mivirian Horde. One of the last surviving ancient warlocks of Torcia, Mesham knows he is marked for death.

The Torcian king knocks on Mesham’s door later that evening and offers him the chance of rejuvenation in return for a seemingly impossible mission into the heart of Mivir. Mesham reluctantly agrees, only to realise the evil of Mivir has spread to the very top of the Torcian government.

As Mesham undertakes his quest to complete the mission, he finds himself hunted by his king, by the mighty Torcian warbands, and by the Horde.

But he cannot fail, for the fate of Mesham’s beloved Torcia rests in his hands.

To Order Your Copy

 'The Torcian Chronicles' is now available to buy from

Inside Devcon18

February 10, 2018

Well, last weekend as part of the EAA Fantasy Department I had the delight appearing at Devcon18. Any comic-con which sparks a security alert is quite exhilarating. Apparently, a member of the public saw cosplay players in black complete with balaclava and bright orange Nerf gun waiting for his friends outside the convention and decided it was a terrorist attack. I would state here that although I don't know much about terrorism I feel that waiting for your co-conspirators on the steps of a building you are going to terrorise is never a  good criminal plan.

It's great that peop…

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