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Shadows Of A Beatnik Generation

July 12, 2017

The annual Tiverton Poetry evening has passed.

A beautiful night of poetry reading which brought images of 1960's beatnik poetry nights in darkly lit art cafes.  The poetically inspired flocked from as far afield as Dulverton and Exmoor descended into the art-filled back room of the Independent Coffee Trader, ready to soak up sensual stanzas and voluptuous verse. With the readings split into two I choose to split my eclectic mix of writing into two dissimilar halves. 

This year marked the publication of Flicker my collection of characters and observations of Devon – sometimes happy, sometimes sad and sometimes downright strange. A mixture of stories of worried wives, desperate husbands, and lost lovers all based on my observations of the microcosm of life that is Costa such as the tale of the disappointed wife as seen in a Costa in Exmouth,

rotund man wobbles

after disappointed wife

carrying a spoon


and of the hungry husband


tired businessman

takes ageing wife to dinner

hungry for a change

The audience were fabulous and very responsive. I even got positive feedback about my professional entertaining reading style - if only they knew… in the course of the evening, I lost my reading glasses a total of three times which is actually my record for one event!

My second reading was from my longer poems including memories of my wedding dress, the empty chair where my father used to sit and an almost fatal experience with rhubarb crumble... which people found alarmingly quite funny!

If you ever want to turn on, tune in and drop out for an evening visit the Tiverton Poets. 

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A Celebration of Books Roars Into Life!

June 20, 2017

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Romancing the Devon Dialect

June 12, 2017

The Tiverton Poetry Group monthly meeting is always a surprising affair. The chameleon nature of the CreaTiv Hub, means you never know what you are actually walking into. On occasions our meeting has been held amid art exhibitions, photography and the hilarious children’s art centre time, when we en…

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The Hut Experience

May 3, 2017

One advantage of doing writers-in-residence placements is that you get to see some amazing out-of-the-way places. Places normally hidden from view and lost to the world. The Artist’s Cabin at Bucks Mills, Woolsery, situated on the wild North Devon coast was no exemption. It stands clinging tentative…

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